How we used to die; how we die now


An emergency physician’s  beautifully written and agonizingly empathic account of “how we used to die” starkly contrasted with how most people die now in our death-defying, death-dealing military industrial medicopharmaceuticalized culture. 

In the old days, she would be propped up on a comfy pillow, in fresh cleaned sheets under the corner window where she would in days gone past watch her children play. Soup would boil on the stove just in case she felt like a sip or two. Perhaps the radio softly played Al Jolson or Glenn Miller, flowers sat on the nightstand, and family quietly came and went. These were her last days. Spent with familiar sounds, in a familiar room, with familiar smells that gave her a final chance to summon memories that will help carry her away. She might have offered a hint of a smile or a soft squeeze of the hand but it was all right if she didn’t. She lost her own words to tell us that it’s OK to just let her die, but she trusted us to be her voice and we took that trust to heart.

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Learn How To Breathe For Super Health


Today’s article sounds so simple that it appears to be insignificant to our health, but I strongly encourage you to read this before you make up your mind.

napoleon-dI stumbled upon a researcher named Dr Buteyko several years ago and instantly became intrigued when he proclaimed that he had a totally safe and effective method to optimize most lung difficulties, cardiovascular problems, digestive issues, weak immune function, muscular discomfort, anxiety, and urinary systems.  I instantly perked up when I read this list because these issues are epidemic today with no end in sight.

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Learn How To Improve Your Health At The Lowest Cost


How you could improve your health if you only wanted to spend:
I have learned that removing unhealthy items in our life may be a more powerful therapy for improving health than even adding healthier foods.

Three items that concern me for their potential to harm our health are chemicals in soaps, toothpastes and butter.     

95% of all products in this category contain questionable ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphates in soaps (which is a degreaser for engines), fluoride in toothpaste and hormones in butter.  Did you know fluoride was once used in other countries to treat over active thyroid because of its known ability to block thyroid function.  (Could this possibly explain the low thyroid epidemic?)

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The Answer to “What can I do to lose 30 lbs?”

Weight loss

What Can I do to lose 30 LBS?

The question, What can I do to lose 30 lbs?” has been the perennial question asked of me since I opened Nutrition World in 1979.  I have watched many hundreds of diets come and go over the past 4 decades, (all of them claiming to be effective for losing weight) yet many people continue to be one skittle away from obesity.  I have distilled into a brief overview certain guidelines that I feel apply to the majority, (not all) of overweight individuals.  Despite so many health professionals still preaching, “just push away from the table” or “calories in equals calories out,” research proves that the unbalanced chemistry of the individual plays the most important role in losing and maintaining weight.

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Magic Mushrooms for staying well?


We are entering an age of great concern over staying healthy during fears of spreading germs and sickness.   If you are planning a trip to Florida in your automobile, wouldn’t you check the oil and gas so you would depart with great confidence of arriving safely. However, what if your trip were to include muddy gravel roads through difficult terrain instead of the interstate, wouldn’t you prepare your vehicle differently in order to overcome the increased challenges?

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Don’t ignore the power of these oils in helping your Body and Mind.

I believe that our bodies built-in healing power can cure almost anything if we assist it with the correct non-toxic compounds and this is why I value the magic and power of essential oils.

Essential oils are basically the blood of a plant that has evolved for the purpose of keeping it healthy.  The oils in plants kill pathogens, resist predators and produce healing and may offer the same protection for us.  

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Twinkies or Yogurt?


Yogurt has always had a reputation of being “The King of Healthy Foods” however I have strongly discouraged the regular consumption of this food to others because in my opinion it is unhealthy.  Americans are so prone to the powers of marketing and ever since Dannon Yogurt decades ago showed on TV the elderly Russian people who had super health and implied that the daily yogurt they were eating strongly influenced their excellent health, yogurt was thought of as a perfect health food.    

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